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New: KPI Tracking Across Groups Plus Reporting Enhancements

Fathom takes pride in our best-in-class reporting and we’ve just added new features to make this...

New: An Updated KPI Library Experience

Get up to speed with the latest Fathom product news. Here’s a quick wrap-up of the features we’ve...

Forecasting For Funding: Planning for Success Using Fathom’s New Five-Year Forecasting Features

Fathom’s new expanded five-year forecasting tools provide a long-term look into the future of your...

How moving from Excel to Fathom gave our clients an understanding of their numbers in minutes!

How we transformed our client communication using Fathom 

Fathom interviewed Keila Hill-Trawick, Founder of Little Fish Accounting about her experience with...

How we stopped the numbers going over our clients’ heads

We interviewed Imran Mustafa, Head of Growth at Maestro Business Development about his experience...

Mastering the art of client communication: Five non-negotiables for game-changing impact

Around the grounds: Industry events in your region in early 2024

With the year now well and truly underway, the organisers of key industry events across all regions...

New: Five-Year Forecasting and Enhanced Report Commentary Flexibility

Fathom's newest forecasting feature allows you to extend your forecast up to five years, with all...

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