Consolidated Chart of Accounts

Late last year we said hello to an all new Chart of Accounts, a release that gave you an easy and intuitive way to group, reclassify & structure your Chart of Accounts. Along with this update, we also released a new Consolidated Chart of Accounts, which makes your consolidations easier to manage than ever before.

  • A dedicated hierarchy for your consolidations
    Order your accounts via our slick drag and drop interface to create your own hierarchy, allowing you to make your consolidations more meaningful than ever.
  • Add headings & create account groupings
    You can add structure to your accounts by creating headings and sub-headings. These headings will allow for greater clarity & customisation when using the Fathom analysis & reporting tools. This structure is unique to your consolidation, and won’t affect any of the underlying companies.
  • Manage eliminations
    Instead of managing your eliminations within the underlying companies, with the Consolidated Chart of Accounts you can manage your eliminations from top-down with ease. You can choose to eliminate all at once, or cherry-pick which companies you’d like to eliminate for an account.

Preview your consolidation
Now it’s easier than ever to understand how your accounts are consolidating. Easily download a preview of your detailed consolidated financial statements in Excel format.

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