Customer Story: Haydenshapes

We recently caught up with Fathom user Hayden Cox of the booming Haydenshapes surfboard brand. Hayden has an incredibly innovative approach to both surfboard shaping and to business itself. That’s why he chooses to use Fathom to make sure his business performance is as good as the surfboards he designs.

Leading design and innovation

Hayden Cox is one of the most well-known young surfboard designers in the world. His boards are sold in over 72 countries, and the “Hypto Krypto” model was awarded Surfboard of the Year in 2014 and 2015 at the Australian Surf Industry Awards.


Known for his stylish approach to design, Hayden has collaborated with iconic fashion designer Alexander Wang and is profiled by publications including Forbes, GQ, New York Times, Vogue and Esquire. He is also an Audi ambassador and featured at the recent Semi-Permanent design conference.


At the core of the Haydenshapes brand philosophy is a commitment to achieving excellence and innovation in design and performance. Hayden firmly believes that using innovative tools to run and manage his business is a key factor in its success.

Overcoming growing pains with add-ons

With such a fast-growing business, the challenge was getting hold of the right information to help answer critical business questions. Hayden would spend time late at night trawling through the Xero Marketplace, looking for an Add-on solution to help deliver the reports and insights he needed.

And that’s where he found Fathom. He was firstly drawn to the dashboards and their design and functionality.

“The interface of Fathom has inspired me… just how intuitive the system is, the animations, the graphs that take you through the storyline of all your data,” said Hayden.


As he delved further into Fathom, Hayden found tools to help him get an even deeper insight into the health of his business.

“The Haydenshapes business has been growing rapidly over the last three years, and the Growth tool in Fathom has been really interesting for me to look at. It takes you through the pinpoints of where you’re actually at with growth.”

Hayden used these results to further analyse how key sales, marketing and manufacturing activities contributed to the growth of the business.

From here, Hayden wanted to plan for future growth, and he used Fathom to map out goals with his team.

Goal setting and goal tracking is key

“I really enjoy the goal-setting and being able to look at the different areas of the business and set the goals. And then, through a very innovative graph, you can see how you’re tracking with those goals.”

With facilities in Sydney, Los Angeles and Thailand, Hayden also makes use of the consolidation feature in Fathom. This enables him to easily consolidate results into a single presentation currency.

The wide range of features in Fathom helps Haydenshapes find timely answers to critical business questions.

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