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Customer Story: Matter of Form

Matter of Form is a design-led digital agency, based in London. They are passionate about the impact of design in business, and are highly regarded for their design of integrated brand experiences for the world's most valued organisations. As a business, Matter of Form has recognised the need for tangible financial and operational goals and measures of success in order to thrive in a competitive landscape.


We spoke with Chief Operating Officer Fred Moore about why Matter of Form loves Fathom. It's simple...

"Our team understands that by hitting targets and being successful as a business, we can produce our best creative work."

Measuring what matters

COO Fred Moore said that Fathom gives everyone in the company a very beautiful and visual view of what the business is doing, and which targets need to be hit each month.

"We spent a while working out what are the 15 things we need to do each month to ensure we're successful. It was a totally positive experience and it came down to 5 financial KPIs, 5 sales KPIs and 5 operational KPIs," said Moore.

"Every month Fathom presents a beautifully simple and intuitive visual expression of where we need to be in relation to our business targets.

"Everyone in the company understands the part they need to play, and as a result, we're all on the same page," he said.

Seamless integration

The integration with cloud accounting software, Xero, means the business can instantaneously upload up-to-date data for financial KPIs. This speeds up the process of creating management reports and provides faster access to real-time business intelligence.

"The connection with Xero makes it fantastically easy to import data, saving us an awful lot of time," Moore said.

Bespoke solution

Fathom provides the flexibility to measure the KPIs that are important and relevant to the business.

"Not only do we measure financial KPIs, but we can also input non-financial KPIs, and then create our own formula KPIs that are most relevant to our business," said Moore.

As a bespoke solution, Fathom meets the needs of a dynamic brand interactions agency.

"Fathom provides a bridge between the creative culture and financial culture. It's genuinely motivating for all our employees," Moore said.

To learn more about how Fathom can help your business thrive, visit www.fathomhq.com

Georgie Pollok

Written by Georgie Pollok

Georgie is Fathom's Marketing and Communications Manager. As one of the company’s first employees, Georgie is passionate about the product and its users. She has over 15 years of experience in communications in a variety of industries and holds a Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Public Relations.