Darren Root Insights: Episode 6


How do Firms Get Started?

Last week's episode, between Madeline Reeves and Darren Root, explained what sets Fathom apart in the accounting industry. This week they go into detail on how firms should get started.

Including an exclusive article, The Big Brands are Coming…for Your Clients, written by Darren Root.

Independent accounting firms pride themselves in creating and maintaining a personal relationship with their clients, however national businesses are beginning to adapt to this approach. With a majority of online accountant services taking their place in the cloud this leaves no geographic boundaries therefore challenging the smaller accounting firms.

So the the question becomes:

"Do we change or do we wither?"

We change of course! Having a meaningful and engaging relationship with your client is an integral part to any successful business. This has become a vital ingredient in achieving differentiation amongst other competitors within the accounting industry. By establishing a strong client-advisor relationship your firm will have a sense of security from big box brands. To become confident you have the desired relationship with your client you have to ask yourself, am I offering clients the right tools and a meaningful experience that will keep them loyal to my firm?

"Fathom allows us to put the power of big business analytics into the hands of our small business clients, which means we can give them a client experience that feels like a million bucks."

Fathom supports the change from transactional accountant to trusted advisor and gives you the right tools to make this change. Through differentiation and a strong client-advisor relationship you can transform the way you run your business using meaningful, insightful and engaging reports.

"Fathom makes small business clients feel powerful."

Read Darren Root's article The Big Brands are Coming…for Your Clients.

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