Introducing improved reporting comparatives & custom data tables

Since its 2017 launch, Fathom’s custom reporting has delighted and empowered our customers to craft engaging reports for their clients and their teams. With our latest release we’ve expanded your available reporting comparatives along with enabling you to build more detailed custom tables, so you can tell even more captivating stories in your financial tables and KPI tables.

An impressive comparatives toolkit

Great comparatives are the cornerstone of compelling financial reporting, allowing for better context and insight in your reports. We’ve added oodles of new column types which you can use in your reports to compare across an extended range of common size, budget, target and rolling average metrics.

We’ve expanded your reporting comparatives toolkit with:

Common Size (% of revenue)

  • This month / Last month
  • 2 months prior / 3 months prior
  • Budget / Budget YTD
  • Same month last year
  • YTD

Budgets & Targets

  • 2 months prior
  • 3 months prior


  • Rolling 12 month average
  • Last Year YTD

A helpful new financials layout

With the addition of these new comparatives, we’ve also added a new prebuilt table type for you to use in your reports — a popular way of analysing your year-on-year performance:

A more comprehensive view of your KPIs and financials

Along with these new column types we’ve also added the ability for you to add a 12 period data table to your reports.

These are great for:

  • Tracking KPI trends
    Explore a holistic view of your KPI trends up to 12 periods, and see the growth or change in your KPIs in more detail.
  • Crafting custom financial statements
    Build out up to 12 periods of custom financials to round out your reporting with more detail than ever before.

You’ll be able to add a table with up to 6 periods to your portrait pages of your reports, and up to 12 periods to your landscape pages.

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