Introducing new ways to streamline your Formula KPIs

The KPI Formula Builder is a much-loved part of Fathom, giving users unprecedented power and flexibility to calculate their own KPIs; and we've recently released a range of enhancements that have made it even better.

Headings in Formulas

Towards the end of September 2018, we said hello to an all new Chart of Accounts, giving you the ability to group accounts under custom headings. But what you may not know, is that these headings can be used in formulas giving you the power to combine related concepts easily and to streamline your formulas.

For example, instead of adding multiple accounts related to ‘Staff Costs’, you can group them under a heading in your Chart of Accounts and then use the heading in the formula KPI.

Power feature: Nested Formulas

We've recently super-charged our KPI Formula Builder with the ability to use existing formulas when building out your new formulas.

Let’s explore how we can apply this new feature to improve our Formula Building.

To calculate the average labor cost per employee, you’d have to calculate all of the staff costs of your full time employees, and then divide by the number of full time staff that you currently employ.

This formula could look something like this:

(Wages & Salaries + Insurance + Superannuation + Professional Memberships + Recruitment + Training + Uniforms + Payroll Tax) / No. of FTEs

Instead, we can create ‘Total Labor Costs’ as a distinct concept, and use this to calculate average labor cost per employee.

Total Labor Costs = Wages & Salaries + Insurance + Superannuation + Professional Memberships + Recruitment + Training + Uniforms + Payroll Tax

And now we can utilise this in the below formula:

Avg. Labor cost per Employee = Total Labor Costs / No. of FTEs

‘Total Labor Costs’ can then be used in other context/formulas. For example

Avg. Overheads per Employee = (Total Labor Costs - Wages & Salaries) / No. of FTEs.

This progressive new feature augments our Formula Builder with unprecedented power and flexibility, while maintaining the simplicity of the interface that you know and love.

Say goodbye to long and unwieldy formulas and say hello to more powerful & flexible KPIs.

Design Enhancements

Since we've added so much extra power and flexibility to our formula builder, we realised that it might be getting hard to keep track of what's what. To make everything easy to understand, we’ve made a few design updates to help you to distinguish between headings, classifications, accounts, and KPIs.

You’ll notice these little snippets of helper text in the KPI selector, along with tooltips when you hover over KPIs that have been added to your formula.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback. If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at