New in Fathom: Multi-Currency Consolidation


The team at Fathom is pleased to announce the release of another new feature! For businesses with international operations, consolidating financial results from multiple different currencies into a single currency is now a simple process using Fathom. This is great news for businesses who are seeking to efficiently create consolidated financial statements and reports.


Accurate and fast consolidated reports, means you’ll have more time to spend reviewing results and planning for future growth.

Currently, Fathom can consolidate results from 40+ currencies. If you require additional currencies, then please contact our team.

So if your business is currently operating in more than one country, or is aspiring to be a multi-national enterprise, see how the new multi-currency consolidation feature in Fathom can save you time.

If you're not already using Fathom, sign up for a free trial and begin creating insightful consolidated reports.