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Xerocon Melbourne: Day 1

As the biggest event of its kind in Australasia, Xerocon is all about inspiring content, the latest technology and great networking opportunities....

Upcoming events in Australia

Over the next few months, we'll be visiting some key accounting events in Australia. If you're...

Xerocon Denver: Day 1

It’s great to be here in Denver for this year’s United States Xerocon. There was such a buzz this...

Upcoming events in the USA

So far this year, we've travelled around key cities in Australia, and we also made a trip to the...

New in Fathom: Multi-Currency Consolidation

The team at Fathom is pleased to announce the release of another new feature! 

The Value of Marginal Gains

In 2010, Dave Brailsford took on the role of performance director at ‘Team Sky’, a new British...

Xerocon London: Day 1

It’s great to be back in London for this year’s Xerocon. We actually kicked off yesterday afternoon...

Tips for maximising your time in the exhibition hall at Xerocon London

Attending Xerocon provides a great opportunity to learn more about Xero and also to connect with...

Recent improvements and new features

Thank you for the feedback you provide. Your input leads to a better Fathom and we’re pleased to...

Introducing the Fathom team

We've been growing and we'd like to introduce you to our talented team!

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